Yummy Treats from Snackible

Hey guys. As nowadays all of us are more fitness conscious and always feel guilty over snacks and yummy stuff we overate,I am gonna introduce you to something that you can have guilt free and it being healthy is still yummy! Snackible is an online snack brand which has healthy snacks listed on the website which taste damn good and are damn healthy. Let me show you’ll what I received from them.


I received –

  • Baked Pizza Sticks with a Herby Dip
  • Jalapeño Peanuts
  • Cream and Onion Whole Wheat Thins
  • White Chocolate Cranberry Bar
  • Almond Fudge Bar

image1 image2 image3


image4 image5 image1

image1 image3


Don’t they look so delicious?

Baked Pizza Sticks with a Herby Dip – Tasted so damn yummy! The flavour of pizza along with a yummy sour dip made me wanna eat it all up at once!

Jalapeño Peanuts – This took the pleasure of snacks to a whole new level. Peanuts are my favourite and that with a twist (Jalapeño) Blew my mind!

Cream and Onion Wholewheat thins – You all must be knowing how green Lays tastes right? This made with whole wheat and a more intense taste made it super tasty!

Almond Fudge Bar – Cravings sweets? This has a healthy twist. Made with the goodness of almonds this granola bar was so good!

White Chocolate Cranberry Bar – Made with white chocolate cranberry and peanut butter this was so satisfying to my tastebuds.

So guys, dump those unhealthy snacks and grab a box of tasty healthy snacks from Snackible!



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