Women in Business – Meet the owner of Pastel Baking Co – Rasvin

Introduction –
Women in Business is a new element to the blog talking about young women entrepreneurs. We are absolutely proud of them and take inspiration from them.
Young entrepreneurs have proved to everyone that they can achieve anything. They have worked hard and their creative minds have just been so brilliant that they have become super successful in such a short time. Today I am introducing you’ll to Rasvin Sawhney, a 24 year old home baker who has baked her way to success in a short span with utmost handwork ,originality and effort.

Q) With so much competition out there how did you manage to break through and what made you unique?
It took me a year to start Pastel Baking Co. It required a lot of patience and hardwork just to begin because once you start off, it sets your name in the market. That is how people recognise you. I did a lot of trial and testing of recipes with the best of ingredients before i finally started taking orders. Being an avid foodie myself the biggest criteria is always taste, and then the presentation. That is what people come back to you for. I am a big perfectionist when it comes to the apperance and taste of my cakes, even if i have to remake it a 100 times, i will. Which has helped me gain a large client base.

Q) What is your regular day at work like?
I usally work 8-10 hours a day depending on my orders. Sometimes even more! I start off with making the cakes, frostings etc- which is followed by icing and fondant work. I also go to the supermarket almost everyday as it gives me a break and i believe in buying fresh ingredients everyday.

Q) What are your three most favourite ingredients while baking a cake?
The classic baking wonders – eggs, sugar and butter. Bringing together these ingredients fills my kitchen with a warm and pleasing baking aroma.

Q) Have you ever failed at baking ? Did it ever feel like this is it.I wanna quit.? If yes, how did you manage to get over it?
Oh yes, a lot of times. Baking is such a delicate process of complex techniques, right temperature and many ingredients – if you go wrong with even one, the whole cake simply fails. But the fact that my clients trust me and chose me to bake for their special occasions really motivates me, I would never want to let them down. A few blunders here and there are just a part of the process and teaches me to be more careful and attentive.

Q) How do you deal with the competition out there and a lot of people copying your style of baking?
Lately I have been coming accross many pages that are copying my style in every possible way, but i cant really stop that. I do feel like it hampers my originality but competition does not affect me much as long as i continue to do what i am doing and my clients are happy with what i make for them and chose me despite the large market out there.

Q) What according to you makes your customers choose you over others?
I recieve a lot of compliments and love from my clients about the taste of my cakes and the presentation. So i am really glad that i have achieved what my main focus always was. A pretty cake that is also very delicious is the best combination!

Q) Do you idolise Someone? Who and Why?
My biggest inspiration is Pooja Dhingra. The owner of le15 patisserie in mumbai. She has achieved so much in the baking industry and began at a very young age.The desserts at her bakery are simply to-die for. Being a woman entrepreneur herself, she has scaled major heights of success and proved what we are really capable of doing in the business world out there.

Q) If you would have an unlimited supply of one ingredient, which one would it be?
Chocolate!! Who doesnt love chocolate. The most delightful ingredient to experient so many recipes with. From making ganache to cupcakes to decking up the cake with chocolates- this ingredient has so much to offer in my kitchen.

Q) How did you get the idea of baking?

After i finished my graduation, i worked at a few places and even joined college again but it was not what i really wanted to do. I longed to do something that made me feel very productive and happy. I really wanted to follow my passion, so i quit everything and began my baking journey which has been nothing short of amazing. I initially started with a baking blog called spatula stories and then pastel baking co for orders. I count my blessing everyday as to how it worked out for me. One of my biggest reasons to start baking is also the tremendous support I recieved from my friends and family to pursue my dream. They are my biggest strength.

Q) What were your major obstacles?
My major obstacle is that i work entirely by myself, I do not have any staff due to limited space so it brings the entire pressure down on me. From bringing the ingredients to baking, to cake decoration, taking care of client queries and managing my accounts- it does get taxing at times. I end up refusing few orders due to time constraint.

Q) What would you like to tell to young upcoming bakers?
As much as baking is a fun and a happy task, it does require a lot of hardwork and dedication. Keep reading a lot of baking blogs and books to expand your knowledge of the subject. The trick is to understand the science behind the blending of simple ingredients and how the outcome is a perfectly baked cake. You have to keep pushing yourself on days even when your cake refuses to rise! Keep trying different recipes and styles to see what you are good at, then work harder to excel in those.

Q) What next?
My biggest and only dream is to setup a cozy and beautiful little patisserie and cafe someday. I believe every single day is a step closer to it, which really pushes me to work better and happier.

Q) Your bestseller?
The chocolate cupcakes , ferrero rocher cake, red velvet chocolate cake and vanilla based cakes too.

Q) Your fav quote.
“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling”

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