Women in Business ft. Geethika Kanumilli

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. Wise words said by the most talented fashion designer in the world – Edith Head. I truly believe in it and I feel that the way a person dresses is what describes his personality. Today in our Women in Business we have 23 year old Geethika Kanumilli who is ruling the fashion industry not only in Hyderabad but all over India and her designs are as beautiful as she is. Bloggers to Tollywood actors love her sense of designing. Here’s all about her –

Q) With so much competition out there how did you manage to break through and what made you unique?
I never compared myself with others and never tried to compete with anyone.I just gave my best.I feel designing is an art, and everbody has their own style.

Q) What is your regular day at work like?
Everyday is exciting. Quite contradictorily, I Love it when the work is hectic.

Q) What are your current favourite colours to work with?

Q) Follow the trend or dress comfortably?
Dress comfortable and set trends. I don’t believe in following trends.

Q) How do you deal with the competition out there and a lot of people copying your style of designing?
According to me, it actually doesn’t matter. Replicas will always be replicas.

Q) What according to you makes your customers choose you over others?
My color combinations (I tend to experiment a lot with colours) also, I keep my outfits simple and classy.

Q) What was your first design? How did it feel seeing your sketch turn into reality?
My first design was a lehenga which i made for myself, in 8th. I was pretty excited.

Q) What were your major obstacles?
I never interned with anyone.Hence, it was hard for me in the start as I had to do learn everything by myself.

Q) Who is your biggest inspiration? And why?
Everything inspires me in some or the other way.

Q) Best Trend in the history of fashion?
High waisted stuff.

Q) If you had unlimited access to any store which one would it be?
Louis Vuitton/MK I love bags.

Q) What is the one trend you wish that never comes back into fashion?
Sharara pants.

Q) Which Celebrity would you want to work with? Or want to see in your design?
Shruti Haasan. I love her waaaay too much.

Q) What next?
Growing the brand by being available in cities (multi designer stores).

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