Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Luxury Range Review

72 Hours of Frizz Free hair. For a person like me it sounds like magic. My hair is rough in the ends and gets easily frizzy but this range felt like it was made just to solve my problem! This range consists of the Wella shampoo, Conditioner and Mask which has smoothening oils to keep the hair shinning mirror like. It consists of camellia oil and white tea extract to bring life to the hair and keep the hair soft and smooth.



It is enriched with macadamia , avocado oil and vitamin E which help nourish the hair and maintain the hair health. The scent of it smells so luxurious that you feel like you are in a whole new world. (not exaggerating at all) . People with extremely dry hair should go for the shampoo,conditioner and mask as it would really work wonders. For others, the mask can be occasional but the shampoo and conditioner can be of a regular use.


Price –

The Wella Luminous Reveal Shampoo is Priced for Rs.975

The Wella Luminous Instant Conditioner is Priced for Rs.975

The Luminous Reboost Mask is Priced for Rs.1075

I am in love with this range.It is very unique and with the amount of pollution,heat,dust and more the hair faces, it is a must to use the right products for your hair.

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