Vaya Tyffyn Review

Hey guys! Hope you’ll are doing well. In Today’s world where people skip meals or prefer eating out ,where carrying a box to office feels like a task,Vaya is a boon to them. House food is good anyway and Vaya helps us carry it to our offices hassle free! The packaging is brilliant which avoids any spilling of liquids like sambar,raita,rasam,pickles and so. Thus,it is much neater. It keeps your food really warm which makes it more enjoyable to cherish. The packaging is super attractive as it comes with a bag which can be unfolded into a waterproof dining mat which helps us eat more neatly. There are 3 boxes,the biggest one being of 400ml and other 2 of 300 ml each.

The Vacutherm technology helps keep the food warm and healthy.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using the Vaya Tyffyn –

  1. It is easy to carry and comes with a nice bag to carry it.
  2. It is spill proof.
  3. It keeps the food warm.
  4. It helps retain the health/nutrients of the food.
  5. The bag to carry the food also unfolds into a mat to eat the food on it.
  6. It also has a small pouch on the side to carry forks and spoons.
  7. It is stainless steel which makes it look good for a long periods of time.
  8. The food packed in this stays warm for upto 6 hours.
  9. It is slightly difficult to open as the opening of the lid is a little tough to open.
  10. The box might seem a little heavy to some people.
  11. The boxes might seem a little small.

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