Top 5 Dessert Places to Visit in Hyderabad!!!

Any meal is incomplete without a dessert. A dessert completes our meal by sweetening our taste buds too. A dessert is the best thing you can gift your inner self. There are many places that serve the best desserts. But where to eat what is the biggest query. Here your query is solved. We have researched on the best dessert places and their best served desserts in Hyderabad. Special Thanks to Hyderabad Food Diaries for their contribution:)
1. Concu
Who can ever get over the mouth watering tiramisu at Concu? And the cheesecake it has my heart. Their colourful macaroons melt in the mouth and also come in cute packaging to gift your loved ones. Carrot cake, choux pastry and croissants are something that will satisfy your taste buds too.

2. Labonel

Labonel has the best chocolate cake that will definitely melt in your mouth. The choco chip cookie and the brownie chocolate gives the inner you a warm pleasure while the blue berry cheese cake is the one of the best cheese cake you can ever have.

3. Van Lavino
To have the best cheesecakes, find your way to the Van lavino. Thinking of the pasta there I’m left with waters in mouth. The stuffed mushrooms, peri peri chicken burger, waffles and the hazelnut frappe are a delight to your stomach.

The blueberry muffin and chocolate milkshake from kavanah can make your day. The club chicken sandwich, cheesecake will just leave you with a blown mind while the vegetable quesadillas, chocolate truffle and cheese pasta can make your meal complete.

5. Guilt trip
The rainbow pastry of the guilt trip is not only a treat to your tongue but also to your eyes. The waffles, caramel frappe, chocolate cheesecake and the macaroons will definitely leave you guilty at the end of the day.

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