These brides made a grand entry! Get inspired now!

A bride’s wedding entry is something that everyone waits for. The guests,the groom and every single person wants to see how the bride looks like. After spending so much on your outfit,your hair,makeup,jewellery and other details,why make it routine? These brides made a kickass entry at their wedding which made everyone go awww! Check them out now –

1) This Bride’s Dog truly is her best friend –

This bride made a grand entry on her bike but not alone… she got her pet along with her too!! How cute <3

2) Fireworks truly –

This bride came with her dulha on a vehicle with fireworks and also a gun in her hand 😉 What swag!

3)Like a real princess –

What a gorgeous carriage to carry the bride. Truly like a princess!

4) On a flower cart,dancing –

How cute is it when a bride comes all dressed in a pretty flower cart doing her own cute little dance! goals <3

5) Team groom holding sparklers making a pathway for the bride and groom –

The new times most adorable and grand entry!

6) Like the south Indian traditional butta –

Common in south weddings brides are carried in a basket by her uncles to the mandap but this bride got the basket made so beautifully with lotus petals around <3

Which one do you like the most? Or do u know any other bride who had a unique entry? Pls let us know below!

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