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Hope you are doing great. Ask me? Oh I am doing better than ever. Writing this blog post makes me feel so so good and I’m sure you reading this would make you feel the same. I flew to chandigarh last week with The LaLit Hotels and my trip has been nothing short of happening. It was a two day stay with them and I have had one of the most relaxing stays ever.

Day 1 – The day I arrived the staff came to the airport to receive me and waited at the entrance for the tika, mala and welcome drinks which was one of the warmest welcomes ever! To my surprise my room was ready for me and they had a cute personalised platter of desserts with my name on it. I found it really adorable. After that we freshened up and were invited to their restaurant Baluchi where they were serving their special navratri thali. All the details of the thali are up on my youtube channel which I will link at the end of the blog post so do check it out. After our lunch we decided to just check out the property and click some pictures around. Then I had my spa appointment which was super super relaxing. I got the aroma treatment done which is the full body massage which was indeed the most stress relieving thing and went on for about 2 hours. Followed by that we had dinner at their famous 24×7 which was a buffet spread. They had live counters,mocktails of the day,a wide variety of desserts and a huge vegetarian spread as Navratri was on.

Day 2 – We had breakfast at 24×7 which had a huge variety of English as well as local specialities which we truly enjoyed. We had lunch at their very famous Thai-Japanese restaurant called OKO. Chef Suriya grows his own vegetables which is why his dishes are so delicious. We enjoyed Sushis,Thai food and more. Not to forget their famous dessert served in coconut, ah I crave for it right now!!! We then stepped out for a bit of shopping and skipped dinner and came back to Kitty Su, the very famous nightclub LaLit has. And when I got back to the room I saw a bouquet of roses places for me which was adorable.

Now for the most awaited pictures –

Hope you guys had fun reading this.

Click here to watch the youtube video <3 Until Next time xoxo The Shimmer Girl

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