The New Whisper Ultra Soft Review

Period days are the most scary days for all we girls. It is followed by cramps,bloating and constant flow which makes us all very dull,tired and uncomfortable. Now for most of us periods go on for about 5 days and due to cramps,flow and more we cannot take 5 days off and rest in bed all day. All of us have works to do,places to go and achieve our goals. The new whisper ultra is extra soft and helps us do our daily tasks with comfort and ease. The New Whisper is super comfortable and super soft on the skin and absorbs wetness hour after hour giving the skin a soft feeling. Being really honest Ive been a loyal user of the green whisper and had loved it and this new one is much more comfortable as the top layer is completely dry. This new Whisper doesn’t leave any rashes on the skin even after my periods and I am so thankful for it. They are super duper thin which makes our period days easier. This works so well for people with sensitive skin and makes our dull periods more relaxed and more comfortable.

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Here I’ve inserted pics of how I’ve worked throughout my day even on my periods. I slept so well without any leakage. During periods we are always worried about leakage but the pad was so comfortable and soft that I slept so well throughout. I ran errands,worked on new blog posts and videos ,edited them and also worked out! Periods never felt this comfortable. We women have our dreams and a little thing like periods cannot stop us from reaching our goals.

Whisper Ultra Soft is now available at all leading stores. A pack of 7 is priced at Rs. 64

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