That Comfy Outfit.

For me fashion is always about comfort. I love outfits that make me feel comfortable and not something that makes me suck my body in to give that fitted feel. Today’s post is about my go to outfit – A comfy basic tee and a pair of perfect denims and sneakers (ofcourse) !

I feel that style is not about clothes but how you feel about yourself and how you carry yourself. When you wear an outfit that might be worn by hundreds of celebs or people just Coz it is trendy and you are not really comfortable in it then it makes no sense and you are not making a statement out there just Coz you have worn something that is in trend.

You could wear the most basic outfit with great comfort and you can be the best version of yourself out there beating all those who are wearing the outfit just for the sake of it being in trend.

Less is always more and you could put on a basic outfit and add elements of uniqueness that make the outfit stand out . In my case I paired a denim jacket , a red lip and a hat to make it look above basic.

Here are the pictures –

Details –

Top – H&M

Hat – H&M

Denims – Zip it up

Shoes – Adidas Superstars

Lipstick – HeartBreaker by Huda

So go ahead wear your favourite basic outfit and add a layer of chicness to it 😉


The Shimmer Girl

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