Snackible! Mu(n)ch Better! 

Hey guys 😃 This is my first ever food related blog post. To be honest I’m a really big foodie and love experimenting with food and also love to have little little amounts of snacks to munch on during the evenings. Snackible was a perfect choice for me as they have tasty and healthy snacks which are super yummy and not very fattening!  




  So each box is priced at Rs.300 and its like a weekly subscription box. People who love to munch on snacks every now and then,this is a yummy treat for them. My box had 5 packs of 100g each. It consisted of Cinnamon Apple Chips which was super yummy and healthy! Then it has a pack of Baked Pizza Stick Dippers which came along with a yummy dip and it was again healthy as it is baked. Next I had a pack of Roasted Soyabean mix and it was really yummy and tasted super nice and crunchy. Followed by, Maple and Honey Granola Crunchers which was sweet and tasted like I’m having some yummy cookies. And then there was a pack of Seedy Trail mix which was again sweet and I relished it with yogurt. I would rate this entire box 4 out of 5 as it does deserve it for its packaging,quick delivery and its pricing also is good. I would surely order this again and they have many other varieties so visit their website at For people on a diet this is a perfect box for you’ll so go order now! 

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