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Hope you are doing well. So I came across this brand called Satliva which is a pure organic brand specialising in skin care products with their key ingredient being Hemp. I have used few of their products and wanted to share my experience with you. Listing down images and product details and ingredients for you’ll to understand it better.


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  1. Satliva Hemp with Moringa  Body and Face Night Oil – This product consists of essentials oils which include Hemp,Tea Tree, Rosemary and Moringa oil, a few drops of which help in keeping the skin healthy and youthful,prevents breakouts, rejuvenates the skin and brings natural glow. Apply a few drops on your face overnight and your skin wakes up being relaxed .Price – Rs.1299 Buy it here 
  2. Satliva Mango Fresh Face Butter – For all the people who have dry and sensitive skin this product is a bliss. Made with Hemp Oil, Mango Butter, Moringa, Beeswax, Carrot Seed Oil, Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil this product is very hydrating. Price – Rs.799  Buy it here
  3. Satliva Hair Cream with Peppermint Essential oil – This helps the hair get soft and smooth. Applying it before shower for an hour works great to soften the hair and applying it a little after shower keeps the hair looking luscious and shiny. Its made with major ingredients such as hemp oil,argan oil and mainly peppermint essential oil. Price – Rs.799 Buy it here
  4. Hemp with Cocoa Butter Soap Bar – Made with cocoa butter,this bath soap helps keep the body plump and hydrated all day long. Price – Rs.379 Buy it here 
  5. Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Spearmint – Major Ingredients being Hemp Oil and Cocoa Butter with spearmint,this product acts like a thick layer which keeps the skin deeply hydrated,reduces stretch marks and excessive sweating. Price – Rs.799 Buy it here 

I genuinely loved these products and recommend you guys to give it a shot. Due to excessive pollution and heat the skin is losing out on all the essential oils and hence needs to be deeply hydrated with natural ingredients and hemp being their major ingredient works wonders. Use it for a longer period to see effective results.

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