Rocking the Indo-Western Sarees!

When we think of western clothing, saree never comes strikes our minds. But what if we give our traditional saree a western twist by modernising it? Scroll down and read below how to get the indo western look by using saree.

Denim on saree
We all have denim shirts. But have you wondered of wearing a denim shirt as a blouse under your saree? It looks damn trendy.

Turtle neck on sarees
A black turtle neck top is winter need and black goes with everything as well. A perfect winter mode saree is just wearing your black turtle neck top under your favourite saree.

Jackets on sarees?
We all love layering our outfits. Why don’t we apply this layering formula on sarees? Wear a saree with its blouse and layer it up with a contrasting jacket.

Pant sarees..
Have you ever worn you leggings and jeans under your saree? If no, do it now. It is more simpler than you think. Just wear your legging or pant as usual and drape your saree towards one side such a way that your pants show off from the other side and wear a crop top under it as a blouse.

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