Resolution for 2018

Firstly, Happy New Year you guys.
Finally the most awaited New Year eve is over and we’ve entered into a New Year. We leave back all the bad times in past and start a new beginning. A New Year begins with the new hopes and resolutions. Here are few resolution for this New Year for everyone.
1. Save a little.
We all tend to spend or splurge (sometimes) all our earnings on everything we need or wish to have. At least this year we all need to save a little amount from our earnings.

2. Quit bad habits
We all have some or the other bad habits which we know but not able to quit. This year we should promise ourselves to quit all our bad habits let it me drinking and smoking or even short temper. Also, the main thing is keeping the phone away when people are talking. Be real . Have real conversations.

3. Taking responsibility
Most of the people run away from the responsibilities. We try to run but some day or the other we need to face them. It’s high time, we should face them at least from this year.

4. Not hurting anyone
All of us hurt many people intentionally or unintentionally. But this year we should promise ourselves not to hurt anyone. Everyone’s presence in life is for a reason and they being by our side makes life easy. If we happen to hurt someone unintentionally we should realise and apologize immediately.

5. Family time.
Our parents spent all of their lives for and on us. This year we should take or make a little time every day and spend time with them either having a dinner or a conversation.

6. Stay Fit

Workout not just for that toned body but also to prevent yourself from diseases!

Hope you’re 2018 will be twice more fun and prosperous than your previous year.
Happy New Year!


  1. Resolutions are meant to be broken 😂😂😂 I’m not much into resolutions. But yeah I liked the concept of realistic resolutions.

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