BEBO ! Even as she inches towards motherhood, Kareena Kapoor remains one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood. There is so much to love about Bebo that you cannot simply ignore her, on or off screen.
I have grown up being mesmerized by Kareena, her mannerisms, her style, her attitude, basically I have tried to ape everything the begum does and if I am able to be even one-tenth of the divinity the woman is, I take that as success.
And after being in the film industry for 16 years, the striking woman never bores me on screen and I haven’t moved her from my No. 1 favorite spot either. Take this as a personal choice from me to you, Kareena. I have taken you very seriously all my life and my friends will vouch for that.

1. A for attitude

It’s what sets you apart and Karan Johar will agree. That’s how you nailed Poo’s character, after all. Never change Kareena!
2. Fashionista

Your style is unmatched. Hair and makeup always on fleek. And It looks so effortless, taking you a notch above us mere mortals.
3. Movies

Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met and Chameli

Bebo, you are as Geet as u are Chameli. And irrespective of heroines box office success, your role in the film got major accolades. Of course, you’re part of the 100 crores bracket with films like Singham and Bajrangi Bhaijaan and you also go ahead and do something like Ki & Ka every once in a while. Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE your item numbers?
4.Fit Mom

You gave us major fitness goals! You worked so hard after Taimur and got back to being a stunning sexy KKK! We love you for motivating us!
5. Solidarity towards her female gang

We love that you have so much female energy around you and know the importance of having girlfriends. Look at you always chilling with your gal pals when the industry is infamous for its ego issues.
6. Breaking stereotypes

An actress’s career does not end once she gets married and they do not have a shelf life and you embody that. You got married at the peak of your career and that never deterred you from pursuing your goals. You have and will always be an integral part of the industry, irrespective of your relationship status.
7. Kapoor Khandan

The Kapoors are often referred to as the first family of Bollywood and both you and your sister Karisma Kapoor have taken the legacy forward with much elrgance. You women represented the next-gen Kapoors.
8. “Main apni favourite hoon!

“We know! 😉
Arjun Kapoor has gone on record to say that you never let your stardom affect you and that seemingly you are not even aware of the aura that surrounds you. Alia Bhatt has also been pretty vocal about her love for you and how you are her idol. Bollywood loves you, so do we!
9. Taking risks

That’s what makes or breaks an actor, isn’t it? Playing a village girl in Refugee or a prostitute in Chameli at a fairly early stage of your career is not everyone’s cup of tea. But you did it Kareena, and you did it well.
10. Poo!

Thank you for giving us Poo! Not only is the character iconic and unforgettable, there is no one else but you who could have played this role to perfection. It’s the entire cast of Gossip Girls rolled into one. #Win

Bonus Point: Rocking the bump, of course!

Love ,
The shimmer girl
Contributor- Nisha.

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