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Hello hello everyone! 😊 This blog post is about this brand called Plum which is getting very popular among everyone.I have 2 products to review 1) Plum Hello Aloe Moisturiser 2) Plum NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal                                               





  So to start off with the moisturiser,this moisturiser has worked excellently on me. It is called Hello Aloe! I’m sure you must’ve guessed by the name that it is made of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. It is a day moisturiser which is ultra mild and with the goodness of Vitamin E! It is not oily or sticky like other moisturisers,is paraben and sls free! It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals and leaves your skin very hydrated! This pack of 60ML is for Rs.450.  

Now coming to the Kohl,trust me this is the best kohl Kajal I’ve ever used! It is smudge proof,stays all day,water proof and intensely dark. I always wanted a really dark Kajal and this one was the perfect one. It can be worn as an eyeliner too and it won’t smudge,I promise! This is priced at Rs.425! The only draw back is you got to sharpen it and that’s a little pain but other wise that is manageable and you will have gorgeous looking eyes with this Kohl Kajal for sure. The pic above is from my latest shoot where I wore the Kajal! I had worn it at 9 in the morning and it stayed till 4 after which I had to take it off with a makeup remover and it didn’t come off even a bit till then. I feel and look so much better with this! Thanks to Plum! ☺️

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