Pink Mud Love!

Hello all!!! I hope you all loved the previous post featuring India Circus.Today I’ve come up with something different and interesting.I received these fragrant products from Pink Mud which smell heavenly and are so adorable to look at and carry. These are pocket friendly and aromatic that every college student can afford and smell good at the same.







So,they have a wide range of products starting with perfumes which are of three types

1) Sexy – Made with a killer combo of berry,jasmine and caramel this is as sexy as its name says it all.

2) Foxy – Made with a sweet floral fragrance and citrus aroma this foxy fragrance is oh-so-amazing!

3) Tipsy– Tipsy as it is,made of cranberry,patchouli and rose this is a perfect steal.

4) Classy– Classy as the name sounds,it has a lingering aroma of lavender and rose.

Also,they have pops which come in pocket sizes which come in 2 boxes one of which is the Black striper box and the other is a Pink checkered box both have 2 pops each in a box which are easy to carry.

The next is Body mist. Body mist has become really essential for us to use on a regular basis and what can be better than a pocket friendly and sweet smelling surprise. Available in Sassy,Lacy and Missy these fragrances are as amazing as they sound! These come in a nice packaging and are so economical and easy to carry that every college student should have these! Also,they look so cute that you can even gift it to someone!

These can be got here –

1)Snapdeal –

2) Flipkart –

They also sent me a cute book saying pouting is mandatory! haha I totally agree to that! Go grab your pink mud goodies today and also follow them on instagram – @pinkmud_official to know about latest offers,giveaways etc!

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Hope you all enjoy using these products!!!

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