The ASUS Zenfone 3 lets us click pictures like never before! 

All we girls want the best selfies and DSLR like pictures and end up spending on photo shoots or expensive phones. What if we get to do the same without spending way too much and getting shots like never before? 

Yes you heard it right. With  16MP Rear & 8MP Front Camera : Zenfone 3 comes with PixelMaster camera which has incredible features like 4K Video recording, Optical Image Stabilisation, 4 Axis OIS for Steady photographs even in the objects are moving or if you take the images from a car/train, 3 Axis EIS for steady videos. 0.03 TriTech Auto Focus enables taking photos even if the object moves far or fast .e.g : Imagine capturing your pet while it tries to move around. The camera also have a Super Resolution mode than can take pictures at 64MP resolution giving a DSLR like unbelievable experience. 

World’s First 14nm Snapdragon processor with with 64-Bit Octa-Core CPU @2.0Ghz : S625 is much more powerful than previous generation thanks to new full 8 core @ 2.0Ghz. 2016 S625 is around the same level of performance of 2015 S800 series. 14nm is the most advance process technology in 2016. FinFet LPP technology increase the powering saving more than 35%. As conclusion, S625 is not mid end processor , it’s middle-high end processor with great user experience.

· Design : Zenfone 3 has a shimmering glass & metal design with the iconic Zenfone spun finish design which makes it the most gorgeous looking phone ever. It has Front & rear 2.5D  Gorilla Glass which makes the design scratch free So if you are someone who is careless with their phones,you don’t have to worry about the scratches now! 😀 

Besides this the phone has C type charging which ensures that the phone never heats up while getting charged or while playing games/surfing the web.

Colours available– Moonlight White,Shimmer Gold,Sapphire Black,Aqua Blue.

Price – Rs.21999

The box includes USB-C type charger,headphones with spare caps and manual.

It is light weight and super sleek.

It has 4G lTE and latest Android Marshmallow. 

The best part is it is excellent for selfies. It has modes like Beautification,HDR pro mode and lot more. Now you don’t have to worry about downloading any editing apps! Just select the mode which you like and voila! You have just clicked the perfect flawless selfie!

Check out some pictures clicked with the Zenfone 3 below –

Aren’t the pictures amazing even at night? I totally loved them. Also took selfies in a moving car to show how the image is clear even while moving.
The models are available on Flipkart :

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