Nutty Gritties Munchies

Hi hi everyone! I’m up with another interesting food related blog. It is about this box of goodness from Nutty Gritties that I had received. You must’ve guessed by the name that it is about something related to nuts haha and yup that’s right! Nutty Gritties sent me a box full of 6 varieties of nuts of two varieties – almonds and cashews. And each box had a unique flavour.  

  The box was priced at Rs.1200(approx) and had 6 special flavours which aren’t common at all. One of my fav was peppery almonds. I munched on the entire box without sharing 😂 I even liked the honey roasted cashwes and exotic rose almond. The sour cream and onion cashwes were yumm. I didn’t love the garlic cashwes and wasabi almonds because I don’t prefer it so I asked my parents to eat it and they loved it. So yay! This box can be used as a gifting box if there’s a wedding at your place and it would be a memorable return gift or something to gift along with the wedding card maybe. My parents and I truly loved this idea of gifting and would be ordering many boxes in future. Trust me this is a great snack box and a greater gift box 😁 order now from 🙂 

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