NEW Colgate Swarna Vedshakti Review

Have I told you guys how important it is for us to brush regularly? Brushing twice a day is what every dentist suggests and I totally agree to it. I have been using Colgate toothpaste for years now. When they launched their NEW Colgate Swarna Vedshakti , I had to give it a shot. They believe that its a perfect blend of traditional as well as scientifically proven ingredients that make it very beneficial.
The ingredients used –
1) Tulsi – We all know how beneficial this plant is. We all find it at all our houses and we know how advantageous it is. It has been a key ingredient to fight tooth ache as well as bad breath.
2) Honey -Honey is known to fight bacteria as well as gum diseases and prevents any kind of in- fection.
3)Neem – I am sure we all remember when neem sticks were used to brush teeth before brushes were invented. It is known since years to treat tooth decay and bleeding gums.
4) Clove – Clove has been an essential ingredient for fighting oral problems. Any time Ive had a tooth pain I’ve slept with a clove in my mouth and by morning the pain is gone!
5) Aloe Vera – This has healing properties which help prevent bacteria and also cavity.
6) Amla – Its calcium absorbing properties add as an essential ingredient to the well being of our teeth.
Hence Colgate has launched their NEW Colgate Swarna Vedshakti , which is a natural blend of all these ingredients and oral expertise ,made to take care of the oral health of our family. It has a great taste which makes brushing teeth even more interesting. It is necessary to use the right product for your teeth else it costs a bomb to visit dentists and a lot of pain too. The NEW Colgate Swarna Vedshakti is the perfect product for you to maintain the oral health of your teeth. It is a fu- sion of traditional ayurveda and knowledge blended perfectly together. I am sure we all use colgate and just like how we pair Patiala salwars with t-shirts these days to create a chic look, colgate the same way has combined traditional ayurveda and oral expertise to give birth to their new baby! Do give it a shot the next time you go to buy a new toothpaste!

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