Maybelline V face Duo Stick and V Face Blush Contour Review

img_7879Hey guys hope you’ll are doing well! Today I’m gonna blog about 2 new launches of Maybelline- Maybelline V face Duo Stick and V Face Blush Contour.

V Face Duo Stick – This is a two sided contour stick with cream based bronzer on one side and cream based Highlighter on the other. I’m in the shade medium and this is super suitable for fair skin tones. This is travel friendly and sculpts your face perfectly for the occasion. It stays for a good 6-7 hours without any touch ups! It is priced at Rs.650

V Face Blush Contour – This comes with an illuminator,Blush and Bronzer. The Blush is not highly pigmented but around two – three touches with it would be perfect. It comes with a fancy sliding brush which helps draw the line with the bronzer across your cheek to give it a perfect sculpted look. How I like to use the bronzer is to apply it on the Maybelline V Face Duo Stick cream bronzer and then retouch it with the powder one from the blush Contour pallet. It gives a smoother finish helping it to set in place and stay longer. Both the products are easy to carry and super easy to use. The V face Blush Contour is priced for Rs.500








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