Mac’s Modern Twist Kajal Launch

Hey guys what’s up! Today’s blog post is about the launch of the modern twist Kajal launched by Mac recently. I was called for the launch and I’m so happy to be a part of it. 

They have launched 13 gorgeous and very classy shades made specially for Indian women which is why they named it ‘Kajal’ and it is priced at Rs.990 which is really reasonable for the quality and for the ease of use – The twist up method. I’ve tried it a couple of times this week and it stayed beautifully throughout the day. It is super pigmented and can be used as a shadow stick too. For all the Kajal lovers this is a steal as it smoothly glides over ur eyelids and gives it a nice definition which makes it easier to do a winged liner! 

Photographer credits – Akshitha Naidu. Follow her on Instagram for any projects – @akshithanaidu 

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