Longchamp – Every bag has a story to tell.

Being women,we all love to own bags to carry our whole world in. But how special it is to carry a bag having its own story? Yes,your bag can be that unique and special. I recently got to experience working with the French Luxury, Longchamp. What I learnt about it truly touched my heart. Carrying random bags is a common thing for everyone. But here,every single bag is handmade,it has a lot of thought process going on behind the design,the concept and a lot more.

The Mademoiselle Longchamp

This classy and eye catchy hobo bag at their store is the Mademoiselle. Great for work and running errands, this bag has the most special meaning to it. In earlier times, the letters sent out use to have stamps on them and if you notice this bag has a stamp in the corner,meaning your secret is safe with us. Available in 4 colours this bag is truly one of its kind.Made with calfskin this bag,uses contrasts, juxtaposing the sensuality of the material and a dynamic perforation for a casual, streamlined spirit.

Paris Premier

Minimal and sophisticated, this bag has my heart. Combining a plump, supple feel, and a matte yet velvety patinaed appearance for a natural sensual effect, the designs demonstrate the excellence of Longchamp’s know-how.

Longchamp Madeleine

This bag is considered to be a girl’s best friend,she carries it with her everywhere and dumps her entire world into it. Uniquely made with one handle,this bag is tough and can carry a lot! Works perfectly well for older women too as the single handle isn’t much strain to carry off. These models wear the iconic Roseau closure as a signature. Their clean-cut edges and leather saddlery-style stitches showcase the brand’s leather goods know-how. The young bull hide creates a contemporary look while giving the graphic, streamlined shapes an extra softness and sensuality.


This bag, with its contemporary lines and generous volume, is resolutely feminine in style. Its large handle allows you to carry it one of two ways, either tucked under the arm or over the shoulder.The EFFRONTEE represents the merging of two styles, two attitudes. A chic woman borrowing masculine codes for a style rich in contrasts created using different cuts. The EFFRONTEE will accompany a slightly rebellious Longchamp woman, prepared to free herself of traditional codes and go her own way. Nothing in her attitude is to be taken at face value. Her extreme elegance makes her the reincarnation of the 19th century dandy, yet more sophisticated, seductive and refined. The bag’s clean-cut leather is combined with arabesques to play a double game in lines and colors. The colored, enamelled lock is the line’s signature. Its cowhide is embossed with a mini-cross grain.

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