We don’t need to tell you that it’s officially the weather for sweaters. Early mornings and evenings are comparatively chillier and there’s no bigger joy than holding a hot cup of coffee in your palms for some warmth. If you’re someone who works at an office and the extra air conditioning adds to the freezing palms and nose tips, here are different ways you can incorporate sweaters into your workwear…
Layer it over

Style the sweater by layering it over your flannel shirt with the shirt sleeves, collar and the hem of the shirt pulled out for a full layered effect. The outfit is literally your usual shirt and pants styled with a sweater. Try maintaining a contrast between the shirt and the sweater to ace this look. Finish with a smart handbag!
Style it over 3/4th pants

Your work wardrobe probably has a lot of 3/4th pants that you regularly use. Style a printed sweater over these pants but don’t forget to also layer it over something contrasting. The 3/4thpants add length to your outfit and the sweater gives it an easy, relaxed vibe.
Invest in a knit jacket

If you love jackets (who doesn’t?) you must invest in a knit jacket that’s perfect for workwear and also winter travel. The best way to wear is knitted jacket is over a turtleneck that adds some edge to the outfit. Knit jackets are amazing substitutes to sweaters and look extremely stylish with anything and everything.
Oversized sweater and culottes

Culottes are a work fashion essential and are usually worn with shirts for office. This winter, ditch the shirt and opt for an oversized sweater to style with your culottes. If you have a broader frame, opt for a sweater that’s slightly fitted as opposed to an oversized one!
Sweater over skirt

Does your work wardrobe consist of skirts? Be it a pencil skirt or a skater skirt; don’t fret from styling it with a sweater because this combination looks stunning. You can also opt for stockings underneath! Finish the look with boots.
… And that’s how you can style a sweater differently and seamlessly make it a part of your work fashion. Which of these ideas would you like to follow? Write down in comments box below and let me know.

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