How to pair up those sneakers!

Hello wonderful people! Today’s post is something I wanted to do for the longest time. We all have really cool sneakers which we have bought and maybe use it once in a while because we are clueless about what to pair it up with. Trust me I was in your place too and it was really difficult to decide how to wear them. We feel that it might not go well or it might look funny. But trust me I have found ways and it sure will help you too! Also, this post is featuring two of my friends. Ishna Rawlani,the cutie from The Runway Journal and Shivani Krishna who is one of the most fashionable friend of mine ( girl crush feels) 😀

  1. With Shorts



2) With Jeans 

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3) With a Dress 




4) With A skirt 




5) With Overalls





Here’s how we have styled it –

  1. Ishna –


She has paired her sneakers with a cute t-shirt dress and a fringe bag! Doesn’t she look adorable? 😀


Here she wears her sneakers with a skirt and floral crop top! And I must say,she has totally nailed it.

2) Shivani


This hottie is rocking her sneakers with her supercool denim dungarees! She looks super stylish and super hot!


Here she has worn them with black jeans,black top and a denim jacket! Love how she is carrying herself! Perfect minimal accessories and a black bag has completed the look. Isn’t she so so gorgeous! Total Girl crush <3 She has inspired me a lot!

3) ME!!!!



Ive worn my Adidas Superstars with an overall and I find this a very sporty and casual look for a normal outing.

I hope this post has helped you’ll on how to pair up your sneakers! I thank Ishna and Shivani for blinging up my blog with their pictures! You two are super adorable and gorgeous and definitely it was amazing featuring them on my blog.

The pictures used in the blog apart from mine and my friends are random pictures from google. Any issues or inconvenience from it can be mailed at Thank you! 🙂

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