How to be a Girl Boss

How to be a Girl Boss?
Writing this post on a Monday Morning and yes the only thing blue about my Monday is my
Outfit. Now we all love to be a girl boss isn’t it? Young,Independent and ready to conquer. Now if you are reading this post, you may already be on the path and are trying to look for answers or you already are a #GirlBoss
So let’s jump into the steps –

1. Be U (nique) – Every individual is born with a special talent which they need to discover. Being someone else will hide your true identity. There are a lot of people already out there and you will be lost in the crowd. So, work on yourself and discover yourself every single day and there will be a lot of people who love you for what you truly are. So love yourself first.

2. Wake up, Make up, Shake up! – Jump right out of bed and start loving your work. After everything becomes routine people get bored but try finding little things that make you wanna work hard to achieve it. Those gorgeous pair of Steve Maddens you stopped at the mall the other day?That gorgeous little black dress? You want it all! So put on that red lipstick and hustle ! Work hard Monday to Friday, party harder on the weekends Coz you truly deserve it.

3. Workout, Sleep well & Eat Right – For the body to function well and support you through your hardwork, you need to workout atleast for an hour everyday and eat right. The food you eat really matters on how you function so eat your greens,take your proteins and also sleep early and wake up early.
4. Set Targets & Plan your work – Set goals and work on achieving them. A girl boss is always very well planned as she knows exactly what she wants and will plan it so well that it goes on smoothly. If you tend to forget often, make a to do list.
5. Dress to Impress and Express – Yes dress in what you are comfortable but make sure it’s classy and chic at the same time. Own classics, do not just blindly follow the trend. What you wear is what represents you.
6. Be Punctual – Do not be that unplanned person running late. Deal with things maturely and plan things out timely. Commit only when you are sure you can make it on time. Only when you have your things planned properly and with timings , will it be successful.
7. Take the risk – Only the brave and confident would be willing to take the risk and when you take it will you know if it would work out into something so beautiful that would take you ahead of everyone else. You go girl!
8. Ignore the haters – There are a lot of people wanting to put you down Coz you Shine way too bright in their eyes. Just ignore them and don’t let them get in your way.
9. Be Independent- The top quality of a girl boss is to be independent. Do not depend on anyone for your happiness. You are the only one who can make yourself happy. Trust yourself and work on making your soul happy.
10. Be energetic – You Can and you will. Be full of energy and that will motivate people around you too. Always be full of life and I’m sure it will help you will soon achieve your goals.

Outfit details –

Blazer – Swish Boss
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Payless

Shot by – Disha Bhandari

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