Hello Miss Sunshine.




For me fashion is when comfort kisses style and after a long stay in the cold British Country,I was craving for some sunshine. I came home to this package of awesomeness from this label called Z by Zalak, and all I could feel after seeing the colours is bye bye gloomy gloomy and Hello Miss Sunshine. When you wear an outfit like this,all you can feel is confident,energetic and comfortable. Wearing an outfit like this makes you feel like a bunch of sunflowers worshipping the sun – Bright and Full of Life. This design was from their summer collection named MoZaic 2017 and the gorgeous fabric is made of handloom checks from The South of India. This collection is all about bright and bold fresh colours and comfy silhouettes for summer. The knot in the front was what attracted me the most. It gives the outfit another edge. I also paired it with tassels similar to the colour of the outfit. I kept the look very minimal as the outfit did all the talking. And of course a little red lipstick never hurts anyone right? And after all the colour I didn’t want the look to disturb even a little bit thus I paired it with a nude pair of classy shoes.

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