Happiness with Paper Boat

Hello hello everyone 🙂 Remember childhood days where your mom or grandmom used to make yummy juices for you with the finest flavours and the purest forms? I do and I really miss those days but when I received my Happiness Box from Paper Boat it took me back to my childhood days. I’m sure you’ll must’ve known by now that this blog post is about my experience with the Yummy Drinks from PaperBoat 🙂   

    So the juices were as yummy as these colourful pictures. I had got these juices in 6 flavours priced at Rs.30 each. The flavours were – 1) Jamun Kala Khatta 2) Kokum 3) Aamras 4) Aam Panna 5) Jaljeera 6) Anar . The best part about these juices is that they do not have preservatives and their packaging is excellent and can be resealed. So I’d really recommend and prefer this over any other soda drinks or juices with preservatives! So go grab them now and get back to your old happy days and live a healthier life 😊 Until Next Time xoxo Get these at paperboatdrinks.com 

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