Detoxing with Cleanse High.

Hey hey everyone finally I’m here with my detox post. It was the most talked and asked about regime that I did and a lot of you’ll personally messaged me for details which I said would go up on the blog. So firstly,Cleanse High had an amazing packaging and a very cute way of sending over the box to me. I had Onya who guided me all through and made sure I did the detox well. So I received a box of 8 bottles which I had to consume in one day. Each was of 370 ml. So in this process you will be able to cleanse your body of all the toxins and have a fresh body and start with a proper diet to help you out. The package is of Rs.1260 roughly and it is a very strict regime you need to follow. It had bottles,the content of some you can heat and have and few you can cool it and have. I didn’t heat the bottles that needed to be heated but I did cool the ones which were to be consumed cold. So this is how my process was-   



 My morning started with my first bottle which was of a refreshing Lime flavour and I had this at 7:30 am. Then I carried 4 bottles to college and had the next bottle (2) which was made of leafy veggies and this was really yummy! I had this around 9 am. I generally have a light breakfast which is either of cornflakes or oats so I wasn’t really hungry. I had bottle no. 3 which was a tea and this also was easy to have. Had this bottle around 10:30am. Then at 12:30 I had a soup which was bottle no. 4 it had a strong garlic flavour but was tasty. Followed by this I had a fruit juice which was bottle no.5 and this was a little tough to have. Though it was made of watermelon it was very tough to have. It was almost lunch time and I wanted to eat something yummy badly but somehow controlled myself. Then after a break at around 5pm I had the same bottle of greens. Followed by which I had bottle no. 7 at around 7pm and omg this was really strong and tough to have but for all the goodness it has it was worth it. And finally the last bottle was had at 8pm which was a tea and was good. So overall it was a great and tough experience. It does so much good to your body. One thing is when you have so many liquids you really need to pee a lot and obviously that’s good for your body. It helped me feel lighter and better and I felt very good. I rate this 5 on 5. I know it is tough and not very tasty but it makes you feel great and accomplished. So if you feel you are having a lot of unhealthy stuff and need a break then you should start off with your detox on a regular basis and I recommend you to do it with CleanseHigh. So visit and order your box of goodness now!!! 

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