Denim is a classic and has never gone out of fashion. You’ll mustve seen my love for denim on Instagram and snapchat and today I finally have a blog dedicated to it. 

I’ve paired my denim jumpsuit from Stalk Buy Love with oxfords and gorgeous pair of silver reflectors from Dulce Couture. I’ve lately been obsessed with pineapple prints and this phone case from Dulce couture  again is perfect to my liking. Also adding a pop of colour and the Indian touch is this tiny note book which I carry to make a note of quick ideas or any little details. I love how things paired up with this denim jumpsuit look so cool. Also,if you’ve noticed I haven’t worn any earrings or accessories and kept it very simple yet I’m sure you didn’t notice it because of the other pretty things around. Thanks to Dulce Couture for adding that pop of colour to this post through all their cute stuff. And ofcourse not to miss the stunning jumpsuit from Stalk Buy Love which fit me so perfectly! Hope you liked the post! 

Picture credits – Akshitha Naidu (@akshithanaidu on Instagram ) 

Location – Mocha 

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Thank you 😘❤️

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