Choosing the Right Fragrance

A perfume fragrance is something that describes your personality. I am very particular about how I smell and the fragrance I pick takes a lot of research and testing. First and most important thing before picking a perfume is understand what kind of feeling do you like. Does your fragrance want to feel like a warm ray of sunshine on an exotic beach? Does it want to feel like walking on something soft and tickly? Then the fragrance for you is Floral. Now, does your fragrance want to feel fresh,fun and full of life? Then you could choose something fruity. Does your fragrance want to feel powerful,make everyone know that you’ve just walking into the room? Then go for something strong and musky.

I have faced the worst kind of issues with perfumes. Sometimes I’ve walked into a store, sprayed the perfume once and picked it up thinking oh this is meant for me! Later,I’ve gotten a headache,the feeling of wanting to throw up and also a bad throat. Thus, I’ve stopped rushing into making choices on the spot. Instead,I spray it on,go around the mall,go for a movie wearing it or just get back home in the car to check its effects on me properly. I do it even 2-3 times and you don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed because you are a customer and it is your choice and your money. Never let a judgemental sales person force you into buying something you are not sure about.

Now how to make it long lasting?

Checking the notes – Every perfume almost has 3 notes. The mixture of which makes it how it smells like and also the layers help keeping it fresh and long lasting. Perfumes choosing the right notes last long.

Spray points – Spray your perfume for sure on — the inner wrists, the sides of your throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows.

DO NOT RUB YOUR WRISTS AGAINST EACH OTHER AFTER SPRAYING THE PERFUME. – Doing so burns the top notes and your perfume fragrance changes.

Layering – Most of the good perfume brands have a moisturiser in the same smell. So as you shower,after wiping your body with a towel,while it is still a little damp, apply moisturiser and then spray your perfume on top of it. Layering helps lock in the fragrance for longer.

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