Blingy Black

Hello everyone. Hope you’ll are doing well. I am super sorry for the long break as I was busy with exams but now I am back with an interesting post and I hope you’ll like it. Check the pics for more 😀











So I got this outfit from Stalk Buy Love and mainly loved it because of the bling it has. So to be honest I thought that this outfit would be long enough but I just realised that Im too tall and paired it up with jeans,wearing it like any other tunic. And yes I loved it! 😀 I am wearing accessories from Pink n Purple fashion and the bracelet from Loveshonas collection. Also,on my lips I have a very pretty Marsala shade and this is the first time Ive tried such a dark shade and I totally love it! 😀 I hope you like this look and also News is that I got my hair coloured!!! Only from the ends though but finally I did! I shall soon share pics of my new look 😀

Details –

Outfit – Stalk Buy Love

Accessories – Pink n Purple and Loveshonas collection

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Photocredits – Disha Bhandari

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