Baubles and Prints

Hello gorgeous people ! Hope you’ll are doing well. Thank you for stopping by. Prints are something I am very fond of specially floral and I am looking for unique shades of outfits and picking up those which I dont really own. Last week I picked up this outfit from Vero Moda and wanted to accentuate the look with stunning accessories from Medoso which went so well!


img_4560 img_4561 img_4562 img_4563 img_4564 img_4565 img_4566 img_4567 img_4568

image1 image2

All the baubles paired with this top are from Medoso and I totally adore them. These baubles are so classy that I cannot stop wearing them every time I step out.They are delicate and need to be handled carefully but I love the stones they have fitted. The intricate design that every piece of jewellery has stole my heart.

Each of these would create a statement of their own and would definitely make you feel and look beautiful. It would be perfect to pair with for a date night. So let the jewellery do the talking and make an impression and you just look beautiful!

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