An Afternoon with Miller Harris

I was recently invited for fragrance profiling by Miller Harris in an exclusive session with Nick Gilbert at their store in Westfield. A lot of you’ll must be wondering how fragrance profiling works. It is an exclusive session where there are a series of experiments done with different kinds of fragrances based on the place you are from,the kind of textures you like,the kind of things that make you happy,the kind of holidays you enjoy and a lot of other factors. Similar to wine tasting, you start with the ‘lights’ which are the softer florals, citruses and green fragrances, trying each one on, knocking out those you don’t much care for and holding on to the ones you do. The ‘darks’, which are the woody, ambery spiced fragrances, tend to fill your nose so are best experienced after the gentler lights. The three ‘darks’ are then edited down to the one you prefer. The wild card selection throws in two random choices from the range that the fragrance expert thinks might appeal. This is a clever way of making sure that a left-of-field selection isn’t missed out, whilst also adding a fresh dynamic to the selection.

Once you have narrowed down to three or four scents, you are encouraged to start putting them on your skin, which is the crucial part of the process. The lighter fragrances are sprayed, followed by the darker ones, all the while discussing and comparing, with Miller Harris fragrance expert guiding you to decide whether you like one over another, therefore formulating a disciplined choice process.

You will be surprised at how they find the fragrance made in your dreams. You might be a person who likes floral fragrances but when you are out there in the market shopping, you are most likely to settle for the one you understand the most. But, here at Miller Harris, you are sure to find the exact kind of fragrance you love and the one that makes you feel warm. Giving you that exact feeling like ‘home’.

So the next time you are going perfume shopping,you know where to go 😉


The Shimmer Girl

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