A Visit to Escape Hunt Hyderabad

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Remember our childhood days? Birthday parties used to be the best part about them. Winning prizes,the celebration,food and return gifts used to be something we would look forward to. But the best part was…GAMES! Remember the treasure hunt game we used to play in our childhood? We along with our friends would be divided into groups to find clues to get to the other hidden clue and ultimately reaching the treasure box full of chocolates? Ah I miss those golden days!

All of us fancied finding treasure reading Secret Seven,Famous Five and Nancy Drew.. and once we grew a little older we went on to reading Sherlock Holmes where adventure and thrill meant everything to us. Our imagination grew wider as we started reading all this. Didn’t you ever wish that you were actually out there solving mysteries, gathering clues and winning in the end? Im sure we all did….


I recently visited Escape Hunt Hyderabad and it was an entirely new concept to me. I was excited and at the same time very curious about whats it going to be like. If you’ll haven’t heard of this place,let me tell you’ll a little about it. You guys mustve played a lot of treasure hunt and mystery games on your phones or other gadgets earlier and must have enjoyed a lot. Escape Hunt lets you experience the same in reality. There are 3 options for you’ll. – The Lost Treasure, The Great Diamond Robbery and The Tollywood Threat.


The Great Diamond Robbery is about you being thieves and are assigned to steal the 250 carat Nizami Diamond before being caught by the prison guard within 60 minutes.

The Tollywood Threat is about you being detectives and need to find out about the person behind strange and dangerous incidents happening with a famous Tollywood Actress.

The Lost Treasure is what I experienced. It was a fantastic setup and was a great experience to find the jewels and escape. The game is very well planned and you have to escape from 3 rooms to reach the last and find a blue chip to lead you out. The game is about finding lost jewels in a tomb collapsed in 1950s. The setup, the way to open the locks and hidden clues were brilliant. To unlock every automatic lock in the room you would have to be very smart in finding what relates to it the most. The clues are simple but tricky. You have a set of 3-4 locks in every room and each lock solved helps you find a hint to the next one.  I was mind blown with the experience. You can go in a gang of 6. I went along with my Bestie Mona and we were super happy to participate and enjoyed the game a lot.


Here are few pictures from the place –

Hope you guys liked my review. It is a fun thing when u have a nice gang of friends around. Leaving their website link for you guys to check out more details – http://Hyderabad.escapehunt.com

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