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Women usually enjoy shopping a lot more than men. Most men think of shopping as just a necessity…but for women, it’s more of a therapeutic way of life. But this is also what makes it so easy for us women to get carried away at the mall, splurge on items we don’t really need and then when the time comes, we use that infamous line “I have nothing to wear, I need to shop!”
Haute couture or sweat pants with a tee, no matter what your sense of style, there are certain basic items that every girl needs to have in her closet. So to help you avoid that unnecessary hoarding, we’ve drawn up a list of 8 feminine pieces that every girl must have in her wardrobe. Let this list be your guide the next time you go shopping…
1. Plain Black and White T-shirts

These may sound basic, but you’d be amazed at how versatile they can be. These basic t-shirts can be paired with denims for a cas’ day look. Add a jacket and/or some accessories and it also works beautifully as a dressy number for a night out. Pair these babies with some nice formal pants and you can totally wear them to work as well. And the best part, since black and white are such universally neutral colours, they go with almost anything. So make sure to stock up on a couple of these!
2. The Perfect Jeans

Yes, we all own a lot of denims in a couple different colours and styles. But that’s not what we’re talking about. It’s essential for every girl to have that one perfect pair of jeans that fits you like second skin. Even if you gain or lose a little weight here and there, these perfect jeans should adapt to you body and compliment your look no matter what. If you don’t already have one of these, we suggest you start hunting pronto!
3. A Little Black Dress

This single piece of clothing is the answer to all your wardrobe woes. When in doubt, always opt for that little black dress. This versatile little number is apt for absolutely any look under the sun. Plus they make you look slimmer; so that’s one more reason you simply have to own one. Pair your LBD with a sharp blazer and some ballet flats and you’re all set to impress in the corporate space. On the other hand you could also accessorize and switch out the flats for some high sexy pumps and you’re ready to hit the club. And these are only a few ways to play up this outfit, but if you can get creative, there are options galore!
4. A Multiway or Convertible Bra

Ladies, we can feel your nods of agreement on this one. While it’s important to stock up on the right outfits, let’s not forget the biggest nightmare of every girl’s dress-up fantasy…the right bra. Most women lose out on experimenting with fun outfits that have a lot of interesting shapes and cuts because they don’t have the right bra to pair with it. And for the slightly bustier women who can’t afford to avoid wearing a bra, it’s a gut wrenching choice between watching that stunning outfit rot in the closet or to butcher its appeal by letting those bra straps show. Well there is a solution…and it’s called a multiway bra! Make sure you have at least one of these in your closet to pair with those tube, backless, halter and other fun outfits.
5. A Perfectly Fitted Blazer

Be it for a formal occasion or just a night out with the girls, a blazer can be a surprisingly versatile accompaniment to your outfit. It allows you to look strong and confident while still maintaining the poise and elegance that your outfit lends. Off late, blazers have also become quite a popular fashion statement among celebrities and have been spotted at the red carpet a number of times as well. So all you fashionistas better get on board with this trend if you haven’t already!
6. Black High Waist Pants

This is the age of crop tops…and nothing goes better with crop tops than high waist pants. High waist, skinny fit black pants are probably the most versatile ones out there and go with almost everything. They’re perfect not just for a casual day or evening look but also for a dressy one when paired with the right accessories. These pants are also a great option for formal wear. You can also experiment with other styles of black pants – Straight and flared pants are some of the other popular choices out there.
7. Black Statement Heels

Every girl simply needs to own a pair of statement black heels…it’s practically a cardinal rule. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a style; pumps, peep toes, stilettos, wedges…the options are abundant. Opt for a style that not only falters your feet and matches your personality, but also one that’s comfortable and can carry you through the night painlessly (so you don’t have to throw them off in a corner after a while)!
8. A Neutral Coloured Tote

Your bag is a crucial part of your wardrobe…whether you realize it or not. It’s that essential accessory that completes your look, so you need to make sure it goes with your attire. Your safest bet is to opt for a neutral coloured tote that goes with almost everything. Colours like black, beige, nude, tan and brown are the most preferred choices since it’s hard to go wrong with these. While it’s fun to experiment and try new things, sometimes it’s okay to play it safe!
Let this list be your guide next time you go shopping, and hopefully, you’ll have a much more productive day at the mall!
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