7 Days of Detox ft. Typhoo

Winter has finally arrived and during winter we dont feel like coming out of our warm blankets.Workout takes a backseat. Teas then are literally our saviour in winters.But sometimes we get bored of those same old teas. And this iconic british brand – Typhoo is now available in India. They has over 110 years of heritage with a diverse portfolio of 25+ premium teas and infusions to offer to indian market in categories of pure assam, black speciality teas , flavoured tea, green tea, fruit and organic herbal infusions.All the products of typhoo are extensive collection of healthy beverages. Typhoo decaf is the first brand to offer tea decaf in india.
Now a days all of us are health conscious and prefer green teas. Green tea is a great way to detox our bodies ,it is the best to help lose weight. Typhoo offers us seven different types of green teas – green tea plain, green tea lemon and honey, green tea traditional tulsi, green tea jasmine, green tea moroccan mint, green tea lemon grass, green tea masala. typhoo also offers fruit infusions in three variants – lemon and lime zest, orange spicer and black currant along with organic infusion in jasmine and peppermint variant. The entire green tea range along with fruit infusion and classic assam are the best sellers. typhoo markets an array of natural 100% caffeine free infusions with fresh and authentic taste. typhoo ensures that the teas are packed in their own state of art production facility ensuring that the teas maintain their freshness and inherent taste characteristics. fruit and herbal infusions are new emerging categories being completely caffeine free and zero sugar, natural ingredients and fruit extract.
typhoo had sent me some samples in variants
1. organic chamomile
2. organic peppermint
3. green tea jasmine
4. green tea traditional tulsi
5. green tea lemon grass
6. decaf
I’ve tried their 7 days detox challenge post Diwali with a little yoga to help my body feel lighter.
this is a mini review of each sample
1. organic chamomile is soothing floral infusion created from organically grown pure chamomile flowers known to be excellent calmer. After a long hectic day, the brew helped to rest, calm and destress.
2. organic peppermint has a deliciously fresh flavour with slightly spicy aroma to match.It instantly refreshes the mood anytime,anywhere.
3. green tea jasmine has a wonderful aroma of jasmine with green tea. it creates a calming floral brew.It rejuvenates your body and mind completely. This should usually be taken during afternoons.
4. green tea traditional tulsi in morning feels fresh the whole day. It can be taken during mornings.
5. green tea lemon grass has a tangy flavour of lemongrass and create a zesty brew refreshing your day. An evening cuppa tea for refreshing evenings.
6. decaf tea is an alternative for the caffeine sensitive and for the tea lovers who are looking to cut down on caffeine.Itis perfect alternative for the health conscious and caffeine sensitive consumers offering naturally occuring tea oxidants. you can drink it any number of times in a day without worrying of caffeine.

To lose weight –
I suggest you all to include a little workout with 2 cups of green tea. Brisk walking is good and maybe a run would help lose weight more quickly.

Few things that worked for me in this 7 day Detox was –
1) Clearer Skin
2) Lesser anxiety
3) Calm Mind and better sleep
4) For weight I felt some difference in my tummy area and also I felt much lighter.
5) Timely periods. (being a green tea addict, this is one tip I would like to give all you girls. Green tea helps produce heat in the body which helps you get your periods on time and more regularly)

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