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When it comes to white shirts, we’re sure that everybody owns one. While you may opt for a crisp one for business meetings and college presentations, a white shirt for a casual function can be too stiff, right? Wrong! With the right accessorising lessons, it doesn’t have to be! One pin here, one badge there and voila—your white shirt will be prepped for a brunch party or dinner date. Wondering how? Take a look at these simple accessorising tricks to take your white shirt from Monday morning to Friday night.

1) Brooch the subject

If it’s prim and proper that you are going for, a dainty brooch is all you need. Choose a stone embellished one and pin it between the lapels of your collar. For a formal look that’s brimming with femininity, this is the answer.

2) Change things up

If you find your existing collar too stiff and boring, switch it up for a detachable one instead. Available in designs with cats, lace and pearls, a simple switcheroo will take your white shirt from mundane to marvellous with ease.

3) Say hello to the stud

The trick giving your white shirt a bit of an edge lies in a handful of studs. Around areas like the collar and cuffs, stick on a bunch of grungy or sparkly studs.

4) Get pinning

If you want to get stylish with the popular pin trend, put your white shirt to good use and get it into action. A cluster of pins and badges with emoji designs and catchy slogans will grab attention and spruce up your shirt in a jiffy.

5) Patch things up

If you missed the bus for the red hot patches tend, now’s your chance to hop onto it. Choose from a variety of patches in designs like flowers and emblems to stick or iron onto your white shirt. It’ll go from nay to yay in no time!

6) Throw in a necklace

If it’s a dose of sparkle that your white shirt longs for, then give it what it needs with a terrific bib necklace. Glitzy, attractive and settled beneath the collar, you can head straight to the party with this one.

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