6 haircuts which will be trending 2k18

If one of your 2018 resolutions involves a makeover, know that there’s no better way to spice things up than getting a cool, new haircut! If this is a priority for you next year, you’re in luck ‘coz the coming year is all about some uber cool haircuts! Want to know what the trends will be like?

Curtain bangs

Yeah you tried full frontal bangs and they failed you because high maintenance alright! 2018 seems like your year already because curtain bangs are going to trend big time. You’d believe us when we say it’s the most searched haircut on Pinterest, right? Plus, low maintenance—no need to spend time ironing them out for them to look perfect!

Shaggy bobs

Imagine this—your short pixie has grown out into a shaggier bob! Now that’s what 2018 has in store for us. If messy hair is what you wear, know that next year is going be all about the lived-in kinda bob. Again—low maintenance! You know you’re already booking your appointments for this one!

Geometric bowl cuts

This one’s new and definitely not for the faint-hearted. You’ve been familiar with the bowl cut but this one has geometry going on at the back. This one’s sleek and all about sophistication. Think of it as a wig except that it’s not!

Lengthened pixie

For all those ballsy girls who never stop experimenting with their tresses, there’s good news coming your way—the pixie is going to be quite the roaring trend of 2018. Except that this time, it’s not going to be overtly short, it’ll be slightly longer yet fit into the pixie zone. C’mon, you know the 2018 summers deserve this one!

Blunt bob with bangs

If you feel French girl-like at heart, this haircut will always be your fave. Looks like 2018 is going to have a lot of blunt bobs with full frontal bangs. And yes, you better be ready to keep that perfect bob look going because maintaining this one is a wee bit complicated

Long layers

Layers just keep coming back in vogue. And from what the predications look like, long layers will be quite the sexy thing in 2018. If you’re the kinda girl who’s always telling your hairstylist to “keep the length” this might be your next haircut. Ask him/her to cut your long tresses in layers and you can keep the layers as long as you like.


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