4 easy steps to get gorgeous nails ❤️

Hello everyone! Happy Happy New Year! Wishing you all a gorgeous 2016! 😊 I’m sure you all must be knowing that I am a lipstick junkie but only close friends know that I love nailpolishes! I have a collection of above 100 haha! I totally love nailpolishes but I’m not a big fan of nail art! I’ve experimented with my nails all these years and finally decided to cut down the entire process into 4 easy steps! Read the following steps to know how! 😁  

  These are the things you need- 1) a nailpolish remover – I’m using the health and glow one. 2) A nail and hand cream – I’m using the one by Accentra in Raspberry – I had picked this one in Germany but you can pick anyone from stores nearby. 3) Some cotton balls 4) a white nailpolish – Maybelline 5) A gorgeous Coral shade from Stay Quirky in the number 520.  

  Step 1 – Clean your nails with a nailpolish remover. I’m using the one from Health And Glow.  

  Step 2: Apply a nail cream to keep your nails moisturised. I’m using this nail cream I had picked from Germany. But it is very easily available anywhere!   


  Step 3: Apply a coat of White nailpolish. The reason why we are doing this is to make the color pop! Applying a coat of it gives the desired color an extra effect on our nails!   


        Step 4: Apply this gorgeous coral shade from Stay Quirky and get ready to rock! Stay Quirky has a wide range of gorgeous shades and fun colours different and not common at all! They have 190 different shades and are priced from 80 rupees onwards! You can find them at – http://purplle.com/brand/stay-quirky. They are also having a sale right now so go grab your quirky nailpaints soon! ☺️ follow me on Instagram and Twitter @theshimmergirl Love xoxo

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