The Shimmer Tastes – Talli Joe

Being an Indian it is always a pleasure to find Indian restaurants in London. Talli Joe had the perfect Indian vibes right from the gorgeous place, to the names of dishes on the menu to the drinks. It all made me feel at home. We started off with the Dhokla Salad which was soft,tangy and served with veggies on top – a twist to the routine dhokla and the Venison Kheema Pao which was made with fantastic flavours,followed with some amazing drinks called – Amma’s special and Jaipur Fizz made with all natural ingredients. Just as we were getting started, we were served the Dosa papad which was yummy and thin and deliciously crispy.

Coming to the main course we were served their best dishes together to try in a Thali – Indore Style Channa Chat, Sarson ka saag,papad, Bohri Chicken,Chicken 21, Paneer Kulcha and to top it off the famous Indian dessert – Motichoor Laddoo.

Indore style channa chat – It is a famous Indian street food made with chana,lot of masalas,chutneys and topped with a little yogurt for that perfect flavour.

Sarsoon ka Saag – It is a famous dish from Punjab – made with green leafy veggies and spices and generally served with cornmeal bread.

Bohri Chicken – It is prepared by a combination of masalas and a speciality dish from the Bohri Community.

Chicken 21 – It is chicken stir fried with south indian spices and curry leaves to give that perfect crunch and twist.

I got to experience the making of the paneer kulcha which I shared on my insta story, which was the best kulcha I EVER HAD! It was so soft and buttery and stuffed with paneer that I still crave for every single bite of it!

PS – THE ITEMS WERE SERVED SPECIALLY FOR ME (AS A BLOGGER) IN A SPECIAL PLATE. You can look these items up on the menu and order what you like specifically 🙂

I am sure you’ll must be drooling over the food too!

Also they have a very exciting brunch menu coming up on 23rd June ! So go visit them soon!

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