The hubster was getting back home after 20 days of play and I saved up all the food blogging visits so that I could take him along and he is someone who can be super honest to your face about the taste of the food. So, I love taking him around so that when I’m uncertain about the kind of taste of a certain dish,he is sitting right beside telling me what it exactly tastes like. We were invited to Punjab Grill for a food tasting session.

They reserved a table for us at a very nice place where we could have a look at the whole restaurant and also the cocktail/mocktail bar was right opposite to us where we could see them making colourful drinks.

The tasting started off with mocktails – Rola Cola was a mix of coke with black salt lemon and more, Strawberry Litchi Barrage which consisted of fresh strawberry,litchi and vanilla icrecream ( this one was too sweet for me) and Romantic Jaat which included pomegranate juice,vanilla syrup lime and mint. ( Ravi LOVED This One)

Coming to starters we began with Veg Kebab Platter which consisted of different kababs – This included Dahi Ke Kebab, Creamy Broccoli and Paneer Tikka. The Dahi Ke Kebab were to die for – so creamy and tasty. It was the starter version of malai kofta 😛 The Creamy Broccoli was super smooth and cheesy (I am not a vegetable fan but I loved this so much) and of course the super tasty paneer tikka.

Then we had the Veg Kurkiji – These were wanton skins which were filled with celery,olives,cheese and lots more which was so crispy and tasty, I crave so much for it since that day 😀 also not to forget the spicy sauce with it served in shot glasses.

Then there were some non veg starters like – Tandoori Pomfret which is a tandoori style fish grilled and all done in Punjabi Style.

The Non Veg Kebab Platter is something that would fill up your tummy for sure. Consisting of
Mutton Champ Tajdar, Murgh Malai Tikka and Fish Amritsar which were super tasty and super punjabi.

We were so full by the time we could finish this but we had to try the main course for sure.

We were served the very famous Punjab Grill Dal that is Dal Makhani which we all love. Along with it we were served Paneer Lababdar i.e., soft cottage cheese in a rich tomato creamy gravy with exotic spices. To eat with, we were served a bread basket containing Missi Roti, Tandoori Roti, Naan and Khasta roti which all went really well with the gravies. For Non veg there was Murgh Makhni i.e., Butter Chicken (tandoor grilled) in a creamy tomato cashew gravy which was rich. For rice, we were served Dum Ki Biryani and Kesari Biryani which were rich in flavours and tasted amazing.

Last but not the least – Desserts!!!!
We were served the Assorted Dessert Platter which included Phirni , Chocolate Gulab Jamun,Rasmalai, and Litchi ki Tehri. This is the best dessert platter I had and I cannot explain in words how lip smacking they were.

Last but not the least, The Pan Shots were Brilliant to digest the food we just had haha!

This place is something you must visit to satisfy your desi cravings.

Mr.Suraj took great care of the entire session and made sure we were comfortable.

Also, they have an interesting buffet too with a wide spread of tasty dishes. Do check it out.

We have loads of food reviews coming up. Stay tuned.



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